Come entrare in un account Facebook senza difficoltà

Facebook is a booming platform with millions of conversations happening every day. That is why everyone from friends to business utilizes it to make their ideas and intentions known. Nowadays, almost everything is shared there, thanks to the numerous features in FB.
While the chatting activity increases there, it also brings in the need to hack a Facebook account for various reasons. You may want to check what your loved ones are doing or what the employees are up to.
However, it would be best if you made sure that your reasons are on the legal side of things. With that, are you looking for an easy way to hack an FB account without getting noticed? I will show you what you can do without having to look for the URL or the account login details.

You will see how you can fetch the targeted account’s password (later) and also view all the online activity remotely. So, stay tuned!

Part 1: Facebook Account Hacking with Spyic

You may already have tried numerous methods with no success. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Before I found an amicable solution, I tried more than ten methods before arriving at Spyic solution.
Now, I’m so glad to know about it, which also prompts me to share the secret with you. Spyic is a monitoring app that works in both Android and iOS platforms. It’s designed to fetch you information from targeted devices from calls to, of course, FB activity and more.
It’s a leading global app that has found favor in millions of users in more than 190 countries. One of the reasons behind the popularity is that you don’t need to root or jailbreak the device.

The cutting edge technologies in Spyic will get you all the Facebook activity and more without ruining the device used. You don’t need any special skills while using it, and the results are overwhelming. Further, it operates in hidden mode so, the account owner will never know that you are snooping.
That is why Forbes, Tech Radar, Life Wire, and Tech Advisor, among other recommendable outlets took time to review it. They simply couldn’t resist the charm.
Now, enough with the introduction. It’s time to read this post about hacking Facebook and seeing the ongoing activity.

1.1 How to Hack a Facebook Account Using Spyic

I have already mentioned that it can be used in both Android and iOS without rooting or jailbreaking the devices. Here is how you can use on both platforms to access someone’s Facebook account.
Using Spyic to Hack Facebook in Android
In Android, you need to access the device used to hack the account physically. Installation is necessary here, but you will only do it once. No rooting is required, but you will need the device to have Android version 4.0 or above.
Once you have the phone and verified its OS version, it’s time to hack the account. Here is the procedure.
Go to Spyic website and register an account. It’s free to create one.

  • In the next step, select Android by clicking the appropriate icon to continue.
  • Choose your preferred plan, make the payment, and wait for the confirmation email.
  • Once you get the email, it will have your payment confirmation, login details, and a download link.
  • Use the link on the targeted device to download Spyic. You will also get an installation guide in the email.
  • Before you finish installing, make sure to select the Stealth mode option to hide the app’s icon.
  • After installation, login to your Spyic account using the registration details. You can log in using any browser on any device remotely.
  • Wait for the account to synchronize with the Android device before accessing the dashboard.
  • Once the panel avails, you will see the fetched information on the right and features on the left narrow part.
  • To access their FB account, scroll down to social apps. Click on ‘Social Apps’ link to access the dropdown menu.
  • Facebook and Facebook Lite version are at the top of the dropdown. Click on them to access Facebook activity.

  • You will see all the messages, participants’ details, and the time they communicated.

Once you have accomplished the above, you don’t need the targeted device anymore. Spyic will be fetching the information for you and bring it to the control panel.

Using Spyic to Hack Facebook in iOS

If you want to hack an FB account being used in an Apple device, it’s much easier than in Android. For iOS users, you don’t need to access the device physically. Also, no download or jailbreak is required.
All you need are the iCloud credentials of the device and make sure it’s iOS version 7.0 and above. Spyic iOS solution is web-based, which means you only need to set up an account to continue.
Once you have attained above, here is how to hack an FB account in iOS:
Visit Spyic website and create an account for free.
Choose the iOS/Apple icon to continue and select your preferred plan.

You will get a confirmation email with the payment details and login credentials.
Now, go back to Spyic. You may be prompted to log in using the registration details.
The next step involves filling in the iCloud details of the device being used to access the FB account.

Select the device listed to continue. If the user has more than one device, select the one used to access Facebook to proceed.
Wait for the account to sync with the iCloud before availing the control panel.
Once you see the dashboard, the fetched information will appear on the right. The features are on the narrow left panel.
If they are using the browser to access the account, then you can go to browser history to check out.
If the user has a Facebook application, scroll down to applications and click on it.

There, you will see the app as one of the installed ones. Click on it to access all the Facebook activity and more.

Part 2: How to Hack Facebook Password

You can also use Spyic to access the login details of the FB account you want to access. The Keylogger feature enables you to fetch the login credentials. How? It is the feature responsible for recording all the keystrokes made on the targeted device.
The only issue here is that it’s only available in Android. So, for the iOS users, it will not be possible to access such info.
Back to Android, you can access Keylogger on the features list. There, you will see all the typed conversations and passwords. Since the target uses the device to log in, the FB password and username will be available in the log files.
The only thing left is for you to get them and access the account yourself. This is necessary if you want more than what Spyic is offering on the Facebook feature under social apps.

Part 3: Why Should You Spyic To Hack Facebook?

If you have reached this far, you will agree that it’s easy to hack an FB account with Spyic. If you are not yet convinced, here is why you should trust in Spyic as the ultimate Facebook hack.

  • Ease of use: In Android, it takes less than 5 minutes to set up and install Spyic. In iOS, you don’t even need to install or physically access the device.
  • Less space consumption: When installing in Android devices, Spyic needs less than 2MB to operate. Therefore, nothing will slow down the phone when you are accessing the information remotely.
  • Stealth mode operation: In both Android and iOS, it’s designed to operate while hidden. Therefore, the user will never know about our hacking intentions.
  • Safe usage: Spyic is entirely safe for use since no rooting or jailbreaking is required. It also does not drain the battery when synchronizing with your remote account.
  • Remote access: After setting up, you can access the information anywhere using any browser on any device. You, therefore, don’t have to install the app on your phone or tablet to view the collected data. You can also uninstall the app remotely via the control panel.


You will find solutions requiring some survey before hacking a Facebook account. Spyic, on the other hand, is one of the apps that will not require any FB associated information. All you have to do is knowing about the device used to access the account, and that’s it.
After setting up, you can access the account you want to see without any trouble. It’s also safe and secure to use as you have seen. So, are you still thinking of how you will hack that Facebook account that doesn’t belong to you? Save your thoughts and get Spyic now!

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